How do you measure customer satisfaction & quality?

Marketing your ISO Certification

I have created a Windows software application, which I have named QMSCAPA, for internal auditing, corrective action requests, preventive action requests and other quality management system elements.

My objectives are to provide a low cost ISO software tool that is very robust, multi-user, easy to use and very easy to adapt for many types of businesses.

From a software point of view, I have learned that measuring quality and customer satisfaction can be infinite. How many times have you heard, “an X bar R chart can be used to measure anything”?

Of course, well written customer surveys can be an effective tool for collecting customer satisfaction feed-back and the summary of data can be very straight forward. Therefore, I have designed the QMSCAPA Customer Survey module to include:

Always insist on an ISO Certification issued by an ACCREDITED Registrar

Always insist on an ISO Certification issued by an ACCREDITED Registrar

  • A database for client or customer data;
  • A methodology to print or email surveys to individual client or customers’;
  • User customizable survey forms;
  • One to a hundred survey questions that can be user defined;
  • Survey answers may scored on a scale of 1 to 10, or 1 to 100;
  • A data collection and input program to record survey results;
  • A variety of survey reports for results.

How do you survey and collect customer satisfaction information?

My next challenge is to incorporate a generic tool to identify quality metrics for many types of measurements, products and services, like:

  • Quantity of achievements vs. quantity of failures;
  • Due dates vs. actual dates;
  • Variable A vs. Variable B;
  • Other generic variables, etc.

How do you measure quality?

What tools do you use to record quality related data?