QMSCAPA Updated to v2.6.12

Important enhancements were made in a new release of QMSCAPA™ (version 2.6.12) and is available for download from ABCI-Software.​​​​​​​

  • Added a new Nonconformance Report template to report NCRs by “Type” and date range.
  • Enhanced the Monitoring and Measuring Device module.
  • Enhanced the module for evaluating and surveying customer satisfaction.
  • Fixed a problem with correctly storing the User Defined Menu options in the QMSCAPA.INI file.
  • Updated the Document Control Index Viewer [DCIViewer.exe]
  • Updated the File and Table Manager.
  • Updated all Report Templates to include the template file name in the Report footer.
  • Updated the Supplier/Vendor Survey Questionnaire sets. (See options to access example data files and tables.)

Download the QMSCAPA ‘Update‘ and the free Viewer for Documented Information

QMSCAPA Viewer for Documented Informationhttp://qmscapa.abci-software.com/index.html?download_demo__upgrade.htm
  • 1) Document Icon – The Document Control Index (DCI) browse table hyperlinks to the file path of the stored document or image. The native file viewer opens the linked document.
  • 2) Person/Clipboard Icon – The Records Control Index (RCI) browse table hyperlinks to the file path of records and record approvals.
  • 3) information Icon – The Referenced Document table may be used to link to electronic documents for important equipment/instrument user guides, referenced standards, guidance document and other forms of Organization Knowledge.

Additional information about this release has been posted to What’s New in QMSCAPA.