QMSCAPA v1.8.43 is Available for Download

In this release of QMSCAPA, our popular Quality Management Software, we have included several important enhancement that are design to provide support for multilingual installations.

Essentially are providing an end-user with the tools to change (translate) the field and window prompts of most QMSCAPA windows. In addition to the global feature we have included the following new features and fixes:

  1. Released user-definable help system (F1 Key) and question-mark button [ ? ] to allow for multilingual support.
  2. Enhanced the CAPA, Documents, training programs (plus more) browse tables to allow users more options to arrange and sort columns.
  3. In the Document Management Module we increased user-defined Document Id field to 40 characters.
  4. Added CAPA Task List table linked to each CAPA.
  5. Added CAPA Task Reporting.

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QMSCAPA™ is quality management software designed by a user group of quality professionals, including assessors, auditors, consultants and quality managers for quality management systems. If you have an idea or new feature that you would like to see in QMSCAPA please join our user group by completing our web form.

License Free

The single user version of QMSCAPA is license free, which means it is free to use and fee to share.

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