Quality Metrics Calculator

Measuring and monitoring quality and production is an important part of continual improvement.

To aid new QMS implementations I have developed a simple quality metrics calculator (QMC) (EXCEL Workbook), which provides data entry for 6 different product groups and/locations. The Metrics may be user defined. The QMC contains a dash board, which is designed to show all 6 groups summarized with year-to-date totals and percentages.

Instructions for users:

Read the directions all the way through to the end where the Zip file can be downloaded.

1) Unprotect each worksheet (see the Excel Review Tab).

2) The unprotect password = ‘abci’ (without the single quotes) for all worksheets.

3) We recommend that you leave the ‘Quality Dashboard’ protected unless you are adding a new Product Log.

4) The Product Worksheets are protected with exceptions of the data entry cells.

5) Each Product Worksheet is setup for 365 data entries or daily entries. However, you do not need to enter data every day.

6) Each Product Worksheet keeps a running total balance, which is summarized on the Quality Dash Board.

7) The Dash Board records grand totals for the year.

8) The Metric Headings may be edited or changed for all products by editing row 6 on the Dash Board.

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We hope you enjoy our Quality Calculator. If you have an improvement, please share your version with us.

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Click here to join our Quality Managers Group and download our resources.