Software for ISO Management Systems

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QMSCAPA™ stands for Quality Management System, Corrective Actions and Preventive Actions. QMSCAPA™ is a Microsoft Windows compatible computer application, which is designed to generate a CAPA log for a Quality Management System based upon the ISO 9001 Standard.

QMSCAPA™ will help you stay on a path for continual improvement. Internal Auditing and Management Review become easy to accomplish on a perpetual cycle.

Features in Version 2:

  • Alert & Initiative Messages
  • Checklist Generator
  • Corrective Action & Preventive Action (CAPA) Database
  • CAPA Task List
  • Custom CAPA form generator and report builder
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey & Calculator
  • Document Approval Journal
  • Document Control Index
  • Document Manager and RTF Editor
  • Document Revision History Journal
  • Database for logging Corrective Actions, Preventive Actions
  • Document Manager and RTF Editor
  • Database for logging Customer Complaints
  • Directory of Management Personnel/Resources
  • Dashboard for Monitoring Quality
  • Database for maintaining a master document index
  • Database for calibrations of monitoring and measuring devices
  • Database for recording personnel training associated with the QMS
  • Database for recording personnel training records
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Internal Audit Results Log for Management Review
  • Internal Audit Schedule for One or More Standards/System
  • Manufacturing & Production Quality Metrics Calculator
  • Multilevel Security and control.
  • Multilingual support for Editing Window Field Names
  • Multilingual support for User-defined Help
  • Nonconformance Reporting module
  • On-Time Delivery Calculator
  • On-time Delivery logs
  • Performance Dashboard & Reporting module
  • Purchasing Quality Metrics Calculator
  • Records Control Index
  • Relevant Interested Parties +Needs & Expectations
  • Risk Assessment and Management module
  • Sales Quality Metrics Calculator
  • Support for multiple simultaneous users
  • Supplier/Vendor Evaluation module
  • Vendor database

Computer Requirements:

Windows 8.1, 10
Windows Server 2012, 2016, 2019

ABCI recommends Windows 2008 Server, or higher with ‘Remote Desktop services’ for simultaneous multiple Remote Desktop Users.