ISO 9000 Foundation Training Course

This is a two day seminar about “how to implement an ISO 9001 Quality Management System“, which provides an in-depth explanation of the ISO 9001:2008 system and documentation requirements. The seminar is designed specifically for those persons tasked with developing a quality management system within their company. Learn from instructors that have successfully designed and implemented quality systems for others.

This course will answer many of the questions that occur when people try to read and understand the standard on their own. How does a company decide the correct amount of documentation? How to use corrective actions to improve the organizations systems. What should be in a Quality Manual?

During this two day ISO 9001 seminar each attendee will develop and complete a Quality Manual for their company that complies with the requirements of the standard. Participates in this course are provided:

  • A Microsoft Word compatible templates to create
    • a quality manual
    • quality mission statement and quality objectives
    • a control of documents procedure
    • a control of records procedure
    • an internal audit procedure, form and audit tools
    • a non-conforming product procedure, form and log
    • a corrective action procedure, form and log
    • a preventive action procedure, form and log
  • QMSCAPA Quality Management System software license.


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